Geologist Jon Clarke braves life on Mars

Prior to his 3 appearances at the 2017 World Science Festival in Brisbane, ISCAST Fellow Jon Clarke was interviewed by Emma Griffiths about his Mars experience on ABC Drive. ISCAST even gets a mention! (From 14 min on.)
The podcast of this interview is now available.


Logos Live 43: The X Files returns: is the truth still out there?

The return of the X Files to our television screens earlier this year has prompted many questions about the existence of aliens and the paranormal. Are we alone in the universe? Will the existence of aliens change our perception of Christianity? Is the truth still out there?

Speakers: Christina and Michael Smith

Life & faith: freedom regained

In this episode of Life & Faith, Baggini takes back the reins on the free will debate and guides us through his thoughts on this question of whether we have free will, and what true freedom might look like.


The Penultimate Curiosity: Oxford launch

The Penultimate Curiosity / Roger Wagner and Andrew Briggs

Pleasure, Meaning and the Death of God

Drawing on Nietzsche, Professor Volf explores two pervasive and mutually reinforcing nihilisms of our time.

Life and Faith: The Ethical Imagination

Do we - or should we - have the right to choose when and how we die?




Science v. religion

Science vs religion? Peter Harrison and John Dickson talk atheism, Darwin, Galileo & more.



Science and Faith in Dialogue - Guest Podcast

As well as being the Andreas Idreos Professor of Science and Religion at Oxford University, the theologian and biophysicist Alister McGrath is now also the Gresham Professor of Divinity, a role that will involve him giving a series of lunch time lectures on science and religion in 2015-16.

Prof. Bob White responds to the Nepal Earthquake

Prof. Bob White (Director of the Faraday Institute) talks to Eleanor Puttock about the recent earthquakes in Nepal as well as the implications of 'natural disasters' over time.

Peter Boghossian vs Tim McGrew - A Manual for Creating Atheists

In advance of Peter Boghossian's discussion with Richard Schumack in Melbourne on 19 June, listen to the podcast that kicked off the 'faith debate'.






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