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ISCAST Presentations


The laws of nature: the ancient origins of a modern scientific puzzle, and its relationship to Christianity - Dr Chris Forbes  - ISCAST-CASE (Sydney) Lecture 3

Unequivocal Genetic Evidence for Human evolution, and Implications for Christian Faith - Dr Graeme Finlay  - ISCAST-CASE (Sydney) Lecture 1

Genetics, Evolution, Cancer, Suffering and God - Dr Graeme Finlay - ISCAST (Sydney) Lecture 2

The State of Play of the Science - Religion Dialogue in Australia: Six Emerging Themes, Six Key Strategies, Six Core Values. (an ISCAST discussion paper)

 Gender Identity and Sexuality - Dr Patricia Weerakoon, Kamal Weerakoon - ISCAST-CASE (Sydney) Lecture 1
Faith in Science? On the relationship between faith, wisdom and science -  Prof. Tom McLeish - ISCAST-CASE (Sydney) Lecture 3

Christianity and Science: a vital 21st century conversation - Rev Chris Mulherin

God and Natural Disasters - Dr. Jonathan Clarke

Modern developments in archaeology and the Bible record - Dr. Karin Sowada

Climate Change and what we should do about it - Byron Smith

New Developments in Military Technology - James Garth

God's Deputy: Divine Law and the Laws of Nature - Dr Larissa Aldridge 

Syriac Christianity & transmission of Greek science to the Arabs - P.Eyland 

An outline of the Test of FAITH course - Prof. Peter Barry

Manufacturing Humans - Prof. Gareth Jones

Neuroscience, Addiction and the GospelDr Alan Gijsbers

Planetary Defence: Are We Ready? - James Garth

Random Designer - Prof. Richard Colling

Comments on "A Scientific Theology" - Alec Wood

Care When There Is No Cure - Andrew Cole

The Bankruptcy of Scientific Atheism - Prof. Alister McGrath

Bodies and Souls or Spirited Bodies - Noel Hickson

Darwinism, Creationism, ID & Theistic Evolution - T.Peters & M.Hewlett

Where Richard Dawkins is not a scientist - Dr Greg Clarke

'Then a miracle occurs': blessings & limitations of science - Rev. R. Forsyth

On Bridge-building: Coming to peace with biology in an age of ID & YEC - Prof D.Falk


ISCAST Past Papers


Archive of ISCAST Papers - Various Authors


ISCAST Intensive


The role of the creative arts in helping Christians understand the importance of including the creation as part of Gospel proclamation - Sally Shaw

Keynote Lecture: Technological inroads into the beginnings of human life: Social, ethical and religious repercussions
- Gareth Jones 

Keynote Lecture: Diversity and Uncertainty: A productive interface between science and Christianity? - Gareth Jones

God and the Natural Sciences - Stephen Ames 

Do we need to rethink the Pill? - Denise Cooper-Clark

On the Fixity and Fluidity of Species - Brian Edgar 

Cosmology, Apologetics and the Will To Believe - James Garth

Biblical Anthropology and its Impact on Addiction Care - Alan Gijsbers

The challenge of different Christian approaches to the environment debate - Richard Gijsbers 

Reading Scripture Badly: The technological threat to biblical literacy - Murray Hogg

‘Miracles 101’ or ‘Miracles and Magic’ - Helen Joynt 

C.S Lewis on Scripture, Science and Technology - Bruce Mewjork

Scarcity or Abundance? - John Modra 

Thinking about Slaves, Women and Homosexuals: a redemptive-movement hermeneutics and the evangelical Webb - Chris Mulherin

Can we really listen both to the Bible and to our fellow Christians on contested issues of sexual behaviour and relationships? - Geoffrey Nutting 

How to Read the Bible in the 21st Century - Frank O’Dea

Reading Scripture in the light of modern science - John Pilbrow 

Spherical Cows and the Search for Truth: Modelling in Science and Scripture - Michael Smith

Research Ethics: How does ‘believing the Bible’ affect the way a scientist does science? - Andrew Wood


Conference on Science and Christianity

2015 COSAC - Proceedings

2013 COSAC - Proceedings

2011 COSAC - Proceedings

2009 COSAC - Proceedings

2007 COSAC - Proceedings (Journal Editor's Resources)

2005 COSAC - Proceedings


Multimedia Links


Gravitational waves - Prof. Tom McLeish

CNN Interview - Dr Francis Collins

Faith and Science - Prof. Alister McGrath

Debate - Religion: The Centre vs. The Fringe - McGrath / Hitchens

God and the Brain - Prof. Gareth Jones

Large Hadron Collider - Prof. Brian Cox

The Design of the Universe - Dr George Smoot

Fantastic Voyage Inside a Cell - David Bolinsky

A Conversation with Nancey Murphy and Jeffrey Schloss

God's Mechanics - Brother Guy Consolmagno

The Hour Interview - Prof. Alister McGrath

Creator or the Multiverse? - Prof. John Lennox

Test of Faith - The Film & The Book


Audio Links


Quarks and Creation - Revd Dr John Polkinghorne KBE FRS


Article Links


Has Science eliminated God? - Prof. Alister McGrath

Faith, Hope and Doubt in times of Uncertainty - Prof. George Ellis

Speaking, in Love, the Truth about Creation - Dr Del Ratzsch

Is Science the Only Sure Path to Truth? - Rev Prof. Keith Ward

Big Science, Big God - Prof. Sir John Houghton

Christianity, science and rumours of divorceChris Mulherin

Science as ideology betrays its purposeChris Mulherin  


Faraday Papers

The Science and Religion Debate - an Introduction - Revd Dr John Polkinghorne KBE FRS

Does Science Need Religion? - Prof. Roger Trigg

Models for Relating Science and Religion - Dr Denis Alexander

The Anthropic Principle and the Science and Religion Debate - Revd Dr John Polkinghorne KBE FRS

Why care for the environment? - Prof. Sir John Houghton FRS

Reductionism: Help or Hindrance in Science and Religion? - Dr Michael Poole


Dialogue and Debate


Review of Lennox / Singer Debate: Is There A God? - by James Garth

Does the Universe Have a Purpose? - A Templeton Conversation

Does Science Make Belief in God Obsolete? - A Templeton Conversation

The Question of God - The PBS Series

Engaging with the New Atheism - Resources and Reading List




American Scientific Affiliation - A Fellowship of Christians in Science - UCCF's Apologetics Resource Site

Big Questions Online - a publication of the John Templeton Foundation.

BioLogos - A community of evangelical Christians

Centre for Public Christianity - CPX

Christians in Science - UK-based professional network

Closer to Truth - Cosmos, Consciousness and God

Crucible -  Online Journal of Theology and Ministry

CSSRS - Emmanuel Centre for the Study of Science, Religion & Society

CTNS - The Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences

Encounter - ABC Radio National program

Ethos - EA Centre for Christianity and Society

GCRI - Graeme Clark Research Institute

ISSR - The International Society for Science and Religion

John Templeton Foundation - Investing in the Big Questions

The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion

The John Ray Initiative - Scientific & Christian understandings of the environment

Public - Centre for Public Christianity

Science and Faith - Berea College Resource Site

Science and Religion Today - A Science and Religion Blog

The Simeon Network

Zygon - Journal of Religion & Science




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